IP Intercom systems - For convenience and safety



Our range of products offers intercoms for a variety of purposes. They are intended to provide maximum comfort and safety to residents and visitors to buildings. Communicators mediate communication with visitors to both households and workplaces and, if needed, they can guarantee a connection between a person in real need and the service they require.




2N® Helios IP Verso


The 2N® Helios IP Verso is a security intercom that, thanks to its modularity, can be used everywhere you need to choose a specific function and purpose of use. For example, you can choose an HD camera with an infrared light and night vision or a smart card reader. It can not only be easily integrated into your current camera and monitoring system, but thanks to programmable scripts, the whole system can be used as a security component to protect the building.


• HD camera with infrared light and night vision
• Integration with third-party CCTV systems with ONVIF support
• 13.56 MHz smart card reader with NFC support
• Programmable scripts for actions and reactions
• NextGen html5 web configurator
• Connectable external IP camera
• Attendance system
• Video and audio for mobile telephones and tablets



2N® Helios IP Force


The 2N® Helios IP Force is an exceptionally sturdy IP intercom that will ensure you effortless communication with the people coming to your door, in combination with reliable security for your building entrance. It supports voice and video communication using the SIP protocol and can deal with the most demanding conditions.

• The most resistant intercom on the market
• High-quality audio and video communication
• Easy remote administration
• Access control – by a call, code, or card
• External sources / PoE supply
• Extensive interface and installation options






2N® Helios IP Safety


2N® Helios IP Safety is a modern emergency intercom that will ensure two-way communication between two remote locations when needed.  Its reliability is enhanced by robust construction and other practical properties that take into account its use in high-stress operations.  Its striking orange colour and illuminated button ensure that it is visible and functions even in crisis situations.

• The greatest durability on the market
• A striking orange colour
• Illuminated emergency button
• High-quality audio
• Ease of use and remote administration
• External source / PoE power supply







2N® Helios IP Vario


The 2N® Helios IP Vario is a door intercom that perfectly combines the most advanced technology with a unique design.  It is a variable communication system supporting both voice and video transmission.  And all that in an IP environment using the SIP protocol.

• One Box solution
• Display, card reader, keypad, camera
• Full duplex audio
• Video
• Remote administration
• Indoor/outdoor installation
• Cisco certificate








2N® Helios IP Uni


At first sight, the 2N® Helios IP Uni is a modest, yet very interesting door intercom in terms of possibilities, for simple installation. It offers the advantages of an IP environment and SIP telephone, while its simple installation allows the use of your existing LAN network. Control is intuitive, and high quality construction in a practical design ensures the device is sufficiently durable and resistant to external influences.

• Simple installation
• Universal switch output
• Use of existing LAN/WAN network
• Web interface for configuration
• Central administration tool