Analog Intercoms for any analogue environment



The analogue door and security intercoms in our 2N® Helios range are a perfect alternative to classic doorbell systems in buildings equipped with a private branch exchange. Using the services of the existing analogue exchange not only saves costs on a new solution, but also offers a better quality and wider range of services, e.g. out-of-office redirect (to another office, voicemail, etc.) or putting a call through (e.g. from the secretariat to a particular person).







2N® Helios Force

The 2N® Helios Force is the most robust door intercom on the market and enables you to securely control access to your building and communicate with visitors clearly


2N® Helios Safety

The 2N® Helios Safety is an emergency analogue intercom for two-way communication in crisis situations. It is bright orange with blue backlit buttons.


2N® Helios

The 2N® Helios is a reliable, high-quality solution to door communication which brings you easy-to-use and simple communication from anywhere. You can find voice, video, keyboard for the lock or card reader all in one device.


2N® Helios Uni

The 2N® Helios Uni is an analogue door intercom for voice transmission and door operation using an analogue telephone line. By simply connecting it to an analogue exchange, it is integrated into the company’s current telephone system