IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Server based on Asterisk

IVR’s, oftentimes called Auto Attendants, allow you to control the first impression of your company. You determine what greeting people hear, what options they have, and where their call gets routed. They can be as simple as “Press 1 for Sales, and Press 2 for Support”, or advanced as interacting with your database to retrieve and playback account balances or take payment over the phone.


IPGate IVR’s solution are easy to create and maintain. You can create weather or other event messaging in advance and easily turn it on when necessary, or automate night mode. This customer service tool gives you complete control over the message your company puts out to the world.


Benefits of IVR

IVR systems can be used to create and manage many services including telephone banking, order placement, caller identification and routing, balance inquiry, and airline ticket booking. Voicemail systems are different from IVR systems in that they are a one-way communication tool (the caller leaves a message), whereas IVR systems attempt two-way interaction with the caller. Automatic call distributor (ACD) systems are often the first point of contact when calling many larger businesses, and can be used in place of more expensive IVR systems. IVR systems are generally used at the front end of call centers to identify what service the caller wants and to extract numeric information such as account numbers as well as provide answers to simple questions such as account balances or allow pre-recorded information to be heard.