Call Recording Server

Asterisk has a wonderful, built-in ability to record calls. No additional software is required to make this happen. When Asterisk records a call, both sides of the call are recorded and written out to a file for playback on a computer. Call recording is often performed in call centers to ensure call quality, or to keep calls for later review, should the need arise. Asterisk provides the ability to record all of the calls, or to selectively record calls.


General call recording options

IPGate Call Recording has several settings that govern the global operation of call recording. These settings determine if call recording should be globally enabled or disabled, which format to record calls in, and a command to run after a call  has been recorded (if desired).


Recording calls to extensions

IPGate Call Recording allows all of the calls to a particular user to be recorded, or for calls to be selectively recorded. IPGate Call Recording allows the choice between recording only incoming calls, only outgoing calls, or both.


Recording calls to queues

All the calls to a particular queue can be recorded. This is often used on larger call queues for later call review by management, or to resolve disputes about what was said on a particular call.


Recording calls to conferences

All of the calls to a particular conference room can be recorded. All of the members of the conference will be recorded and merged into a single file.